Blaise B. Koguep Njionou ; Leonard Kwuida ; Celestin Lele - Formal Concepts and Residuation on Multilattices

fi:8966 - Fundamenta Informaticae, May 30, 2023, Volume 188, Issue 4
Formal Concepts and Residuation on MultilatticesArticle

Authors: Blaise B. Koguep Njionou ; Leonard Kwuida ; Celestin Lele

    Multilattices are generalisations of lattices introduced by Mihail Benado. He replaced the existence of unique lower (resp. upper) bound by the existence of maximal lower (resp. minimal upper) bound(s). A multilattice will be called pure if it is not a lattice. Multilattices could be endowed with a residuation, and therefore used as set of truth-values to evaluate elements in fuzzy setting. In this paper we exhibit the smallest pure multilattice and show that it is a sub-multilattice of any pure multilattice. We also prove that any bounded residuated multilattice that is not a residuated lattice has at least seven elements. We apply the ordinal sum construction to get more examples of residuated multilattices that are not residuated lattices. We then use these residuated multilattices to evaluate objects and attributes in formal concept analysis setting, and describe the structure of the set of corresponding formal concepts. More precisely, if $\mathcal{A}_i: =(A_i,\le_i,\top_i,\odot_i,\to_i,\bot_i)$, $i=1,2$ are two complete residuated multilattices, $G$ and $M$ two nonempty sets and $(\varphi, \psi)$ a Galois connection between $A_1^G$ and $A_2^M$ that is compatible with the residuation, then we show that \[\mathcal{C}: =\{(h,f)\in A_1^G\times A_2^M; \varphi(h)=f \text{ and } \psi(f)=h \}\] can be endowed with a complete residuated multilattice structure. This is a generalization of a result by Ruiz-Calvi{\~n}o and Medina saying that if the (reduct of the) algebras $\mathcal{A}_i$, $i=1,2$ are complete multilattices, then $\mathcal{C}$ is a complete multilattice.

    Volume: Volume 188, Issue 4
    Published on: May 30, 2023
    Accepted on: April 17, 2023
    Submitted on: January 19, 2022
    Keywords: Mathematics - Logic,06B23, 08A72

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