Bartosz Zielinski - A Non-Deterministic Multiset Query Language

fi:8647 - Fundamenta Informaticae, January 13, 2022, Volume 184, Issue 2
A Non-Deterministic Multiset Query LanguageArticle

Authors: Bartosz Zielinski

    We develop a multiset query and update language executable in a term rewriting system. Its most remarkable feature, besides non-standard approach to quantification and introduction of fresh values, is non-determinism - a query result is not uniquely determined by the database. We argue that this feature is very useful, e.g., in modelling user choices during simulation or reachability analysis of a data-centric business process - the intended application of our work. Query evaluation is implemented by converting the query into a terminating term rewriting system and normalizing the initial term which encapsulates the current database. A normal form encapsulates a query result. We prove that our language can express any relational algebra query. Finally, we present a simple business process specification framework (and an example specification). Both syntax and semantics of our query language is implemented in Maude.

    Volume: Volume 184, Issue 2
    Published on: January 13, 2022
    Accepted on: November 4, 2021
    Submitted on: November 2, 2021
    Keywords: Computer Science - Logic in Computer Science,Computer Science - Software Engineering,D.2.1,D.2.4,D.2.5,F.3.1,F.4.2

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